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Accelerate the Productivity of your Workforce with an Intuitive Employee Monitoring Software

Workplaces are evolving, changing the way how people work and grow. In this digital era, workspaces have become flexible, and so has management. We are here to solve your productivity issues with remote jobs becoming the norm.

Littledrops productivity and workforce management software offer a brilliant solution to all your requirements. Through our software, we create a robust ecosystem for your team. Our futuristic employee monitoring software addresses the challenges and helps you stay at the forefront of innovation.

Our ambition is to help your remote workforce grow better and stay together. Littledrops supports your remote work journey with innovative user-centric technology. Our intelligent solutions enable healthy workspaces, offering incredible employer and employee experience.

Over 90 remote team members
Over 90 team members
Representing 28 countries
Representing 28 countries
Born in 2020 from a need to work better
Born in 2022 from a need to work better
Building 5 unique products & counting
Built 5 unique products & counting

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